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Winter 2018 / 2019

Winter 2018 / 2019

Begann vor vielen Jahren
In Frühlings’ Heiterkeit
So kehrt es immer wieder
Zu jeder Jahreszeit
Im Rausch der Jugend’ Unschuld
Erblüht das junge Glück
Gedeiht und wächst zur Reife
Doch kehrt niemals zurück
Denn alles was erwachsen
Muss irgendwann vergehn
Doch auf dem Grab des Alten
Wird Neues bald entstehn
Ein Lied vom Lauf des Lebens
Vertraut und wohlbekannt
Es ist die alte Leier
In stets neuem Gewand

Hither And Thither

T: Testory, M: Ambré (April 2013)

A hunchback feeding pigeons
bowed down by life and age
a traditional, poorly written
that's come to it's final page
the hunchback feeding pigeons
aside, the lovers on the bench
entangled in their new religion
not caring bout the stench

of grief, of loss, and solitude
but the promise of blossom in multitude

All of this seems so known
like the aim within seeds sown
leaves may wither
blown hither and thither
but hearts remain the same

Dancing among nightly cherry trees
barefoot, cause she believes
her feet in the grass, a pale moon above
shall blow the fire of love
in a young man's heart hiding behind those trees
hiding, he's about to leave
to sail across the seven seas
but tonight he's come to seize

for there's no fear, nor grief or solitude
but the promise of love in plenitude

All of this seems so known...

Tilling the land's another kind of dance
beyond belief, beyond love and grief
to that exigent beat of hunger and need
till one's blisters bleed
Tears of joy condensed to sweat
in the shambles of a birth giving bed
blood and tears, gone in a glance
the shine of life in hands

for there's no fear, no famine or solitude
but the promise of a harvest of plentitude

All of this seems so known...

One's thankful for the silence
but fearful what's to come
there's no more will of defiance
after all is said and done



Cellini, BenniCelloHerbst 2016 »Italienische Reise«
Deinert, AlineViolaFrühling 2014 »The tiddly folkloric wedding band«
Dück, VassilyAkkordeon, AkkordinaFrühling 2015 »Le jardin noir«
Heidmann, JuleVocalsSommer 2018 »Romie«
Himmighoffen, OliverWaschbrett & moreSommer 2013 »The Village Idiots«
Huehn, Maria KimberlyGuitarHerbst 2017 »Revolution Eve«
Keller, MatthiasLoopstation, VocalsSommer 2015 »Ducks and Cover«
Klinkhammer, DirkTubaHerbst 2014 »The Huntsmen«
Krins, JohannaVocals, Low WhistleFrühling 2016 »Delva«
Laukamp, LindaCelloWinter 2018 / 2019 »Roads and Shoes«
Löwe, MichaelBanjoFrühling 2016 »Delva«
Nagel, DianaVocalsHerbst 2017 »Revolution Eve«
Nardelli, HaroldTubaHerbst 2016 »Italienische Reise«
Paris, PaulineVocals, UkuleleHerbst 2015 »Paris dans le jardin«
Pletscher, HeideViolaFrühling 2017 »Picea Ensemble«
Raue, MatthiasViolineFrühling 2014 »The tiddly folkloric wedding band«
ViolineWinter-2013-2014 »Three post war soldiers«
Rotter, TabeaCelloHerbst 2013 »The Lady and the gentlemen«
CelloFrühling 2017 »Picea Ensemble«
CelloFrühling 2014 »The tiddly folkloric wedding band«
Röhrig, LindaViolineFrühling 2017 »Picea Ensemble«
Römling, IngoBassWinter 2014 / 2015 »A night at the fireplace«
Steiner, Erich AndréDrehorgelWinter 2015 / 2016 »At the christmas fair«
Stenger, PaulaVocalsSommer 2018 »Romie«
Warweg, TimVibraphoneWinter 2016 / 2017 »Good Vibes«
Wenzel, SimoneGuitarHerbst 2017 »Revolution Eve«