Fairy on the Wire

Fairy on the Wire

T: Marcus Testory – M: Marcus Testory

She always knew, there was something wrong
for she felt displaced, and alone in the throng
unrecognized, for her gift and her knack
henpecked and ignored, life’s just a thwack
Every man she ever thought found
tried to keep her down, caged and bound
but she was born winged, winged to be free
A fairy of love, that no one could see

And she sang:
Bel étranger, beautiful stranger
Viens me trouver au milieu des fleurs
Bel étranger when will you appear
Ton odeur est dans l’air et je te respire
Belle étrangère schone fremde Frau
I don’t understand but ans waas I genau
Belle étrangère, du bist so schee
Gibs zua in Woaheit bist du a Fee

She took refuge in a world of flowers
Hidden between those big city's towers
Hiding at the florist's, her oasis of calm
she knew, this world could do her no harm
She pictured her prince wearing shiny armor
but as he appeared, he was clearly no charmer
more a badgered creature, beaten and scared
But her heart told her “now!” and she dared

And sh e sang:
Bel étranger, beautiful stranger

The man in her arms just fled the police
his eyes silently shouted, “help me please”
and she did, in an embrancement, a kiss
and worlds collided in a celestial bliss

Bel étranger , schöne fremde Frau
I don't understand, but ans waaß I genau
Bel étranger, du bist so schee
Gibs zua in Woaheit bist du a Fee

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