Gunshot Residue

Gunshot Residue

T: Marcus Testory – M: Matthias Ambré, Matthias Raue & Marcus Testory

This life gets more and more daunting,
perilously haunting.
Only the dead swim with the stream,
human dignity turns into a dream.

All men are born equal (which is)
inscrutable for the common people,
left bitter, exhausted and frail,
at the bottom end of the scale.

The glittering veneer visible,
an elusive aim for the miserable
A narcotic gas for the crowd
to forget about those fields unploughed

I can't get it off my hands
I can't get it off my mind
gunshot residue

Your aims are different than others
to you all is one, and we're brothers.
Off the beaten track
just a few won't fail or crack.

You might get treated with hostility
like every misunderstood minority
There's nothing as brutal and torturous
as your neighbor’s narrow-mindedness.

So life gets more and more dangerous
even the known are turning strangerous
chasing dreamers through the streets
in their rage, the city heats.

For those who grew up in the belief
humanity's the highest good to achieve
keep the faith and stand to your dreams
no matter how painful it seems.

I can't get it off my hands...