Sinister Sister

Sinister Sister

T: Matthias Ambré & Marcus Testory – M: Matthias Ambré & Marcus Testory

I got to
tell you a story of a sickening atrocity
of slaughter and a horrible frightening monstrosity
They found
bodies torn and cruelly dismembered
such a bloody scene was easily remembered
Rumors were afloat it was a dainty little lady
a lovely princess, everything but shady
you better watch out here she comes
a bloody meat axe in her palms

Sinister Sister
tell me who’s to blame
for a wicked demon kissed ya
made you the girl of evil fame
sinister sister
sheer horror's got a name
for a mean seducer kissed ya
without shame!

She was
sweet and innocent, believing in real love
till the bald truth harshly gave her a rough shove
A gallant enticer with a smile so disarming
the true rake unseen behind a perfect prince charming
Rumors were afloat he was renowned and admired
one can't imagine, the putrid things he desired
she made him pay the dues for his plans
a bloody meat axe in her hands

sinister sister

The little lady vanished, her heart out of sight
dark avenger angel straying through the night
bad boys better watch here she comes
a bloody meat axe in her palms

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