Will You Close My Eyes?

Will You Close My Eyes?

T: Matthias Ambré – M: Matthias Ambré

We are indeed
The story’s leads
In a sweet gorgeous fairytale of love and romance

So many nights
And laughter lines
Remember all those adventures and all the dances we danced

But if the last fellow has gone
And the final melody is sung
Will you close my eyes
When time has come?

So many years
So many tears
We had to learn so many lessons
But still make mistakes

But side by side
Through thick and thin
See how we’ve beaten the demons
and got over the aches

But if the last …

Love is the boat
That fate set afloat
Driven by wuthering hearts

Trust is our rope
The anchor our hope
That keeps us from drifting apart

Of all those words
We used to say
Of all those sweet little fairy tales
We used to tell

Of all those wishes
And all those promises
This shall be our testament,
Shall be our will:

If the last …