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21.12.2021 16:58

Dear ones,

Exactly ten years ago, on 22 December 2011, we founded Die Kammer, our refuge, our hideaway, our orphanage of seeming and reality.

Full of pride we are now entering our anniversary year and today we present you our new song "Ago".

Premiere on YouTube (21.12.2021 – 22:00)
Auf Spotify (22.12.2021)
Auf Apple Music (22.12.2021)

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great loyalty all these years and celebrate with you a new century Die Kammer!

10.04.2021 10:57

See us playing at The Dark Stream Festival
Sunday 11 April, 20:30 CEST

25.02.2021 15:28

WE PROUDLY PRESENT: On bass – Dennis Bergmann, new in the Kammer. We are so very happy, that we could win over a real veteran of the Frankfurt music scene. Dennis is an old companion of Matze from the - cough - 80s. Although we lost track of him over the years, it was immediately a familiar encounter that rekindled "the old fever".

Some of you already had the pleasure of experiencing his secret premiere last year at the "Brunhöll Festival". And that already in our new four-piece line-up (Max, Matze, Tabea on cello, Dennis on bass) with whom we will be working intensively and intensively in the coming years. And are already working. Be curious about what is to come!

And what about Ingo Römling? Ingo will of course always remain an integral part and member of the big Kammer family! And hopefully he will also be involved in one or two guest appearances. After moving to Berlin, he will concentrate on his work as a comic artist, artworker and artist. Most of you already know how fantastic his work is, not only for the Kammer (Sinister Sister, Orphanage, etc.), but also for everything else that comes from his pen.

With one laughing eye and one crying eye, but full of positive energy through and through, we look to the future of the Kammer.

Welcome to the Orphanage!

Fotos: Jitka Ludvikova

17.01.2021 17:18


Even though planning has become somewhat difficult in these times, we nevertheless venture a small preview of what may hopefully come this year:

✘ At the moment we are busy writing new songs, working out ideas that have collected over the last year and taking demo tracks of them and sending them to each other. Of course, we hope that we will soon be able to record together in the studio again.

✘ In late spring and early summer the first brand new songs will finally be heard!

✘ On 18 June 2021, the second "The Invitation Festival" will take place in Frankfurt at the Batschkapp, we're sure of it!

✘ We hope that all the great summer music festivals will take place again and of course we hope to be represented at one or the other "nocturnal" event.

✘ 25 September - the Kammerfeuer 2021. The big fan meeting around the campfire. Save the date!

✘ Autumn and winter: The new album is getting closer ...

We invite you to follow us into a kammer-rich 2021!

Matze & Max

(Photo: Video Screenshot, Stefan Knauer)

14.01.2021 11:06

»Something's wrong with me!« Finally. The mask at the Kammer-Store! Please also note the graduated prices:

31.12.2020 13:42

To all our beloved friends out there: stay safe and healthy and have a wonderful new year with lots of hugs, kisses, dancings, singings and of course many many live concerts!