Gingerbread Heart

Gingerbread Heart

T: Matthias Ambré – M: Matthias Ambré

He met her at the fun fair
With her sad eyes and her black hair
She was standing alone in the crowd
She was silently appearing
While the children were cheering
In the big wheel and the merry go round

He took her by her pale hands
To guide her to the sweets stand
He felt, that it might be worthwhile
And as she saw all that he’d offered
She forgot all she’d suffered
And took both of his hearts with a smile

And the wise-woman’s crystal ball blurred
As the choir of the candyfloss fairies concurred:

»Gingerbread heart
Gingerbread heart
You’ve been enchanted
Right from the start
My Gingerbread heart
Oh sweet Gingerbread heart
Must fall and fall and break apart«

They came closer and closer
Near the large roller coaster
The chairoplane’s ready for take-off
And while the chariots were racing
They' re endearingly embracing
Then they kissed, and - of course - fell in love

So blinded by passion
And wracked with obsession
He hung the baked heart round her neck
But the fledgling pretty pair
Was completely unaware
That the gingerbread heart had a crack

And the wise-woman silently moaned
And the choir of the candyfloss fairies intoned:

»Gingerbread heart...«

Gingerbread heart is accursed
A merciless bane at its worst
If gingerbread heart’s got a crack
Gingerbread’s heart gonna
Batter you
Shatter you
Kill you!

And the wise woman sorrowed and sighed
And the candyfloss fairies, they bitterly cried:

»Gingerbread heart...«