Intoxication Intravenous (minimized version)


In der minimized-Version des Songs legt unser Protagonist endlich offen, welche Verschwörung er vor seiner Zellentür vermutet. Das Addendum zum Song ist natürlich stark inspiriert vom Zeitgeist 2015-2018. Mit Nachdruck möchte ich darauf hinweisen, dass der Text nicht aus der Sicht des Autors, sondern der des Akteurs geschrieben ist. - M.A.

Intoxication Intravenous (minimized version)

T: Matthias Ambre – M: Matthias Ambre

(This is the very secret 3rd verse, hidden and concealed by our thought controlled politicians)

The eternal mother
Her sanctity
The leader of the overall conspiracy

She fetched her armies
From overseas
A zillion of contaminated refugees

To seed their poison
To taint our breed
Devour our children, crusade their creed

Control our minds
And fake the news
Am i the only one in here, who can see the truth?

Am I the only one in here who can see it all,
How the reptilians subvert our nation?

They locked me in … or wait … was it me who did?

… it seems its already started working yet…
… that … intoxication …

I can see you
Through the keyhole
I can see you
And what you do
Through the keyhole
Your conspirators
I can see them

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